At BOITELLE TAX we render Swiss and international tax advice and related services to a wide range of corporate and private clients. Our services cover among others the following areas:

Our services

Corporate Tax
  • All aspects of corporate taxation, including direct corporate income tax and indirect taxes such as withholding tax, VAT, and stamp duties
  • Mergers and acquisitions, (re)structuring and relocation of companies and businesses
  • Transfer pricing, goodwill, step-up upon immigration and exit tax upon emigration
Private Clients
  • All aspects of individual taxation, including ordinary and lump sum taxation, capital gains taxation, net wealth tax shield, employee and executive benefits, employee stock options, retirement planning and real estate investment
  • Immigration and emigration, work and residence permits, citizenship, social security.
  • Tax planning, estate planning, gifts, donations, and succession, trusts and foundations, asset protection, financial privacy, UBO registration
International Tax
  • All aspects of international and cross-border taxation, including double tax treaties, EU tax directives, anti-abuse provisions, limitation on benefits (LOB) clauses, OECD multilateral instrument (MLI), corresponding adjustments, mutual agreement procedures (MAP), arbitration, Joint Audits
  • Substance, governance, tax residence, and effective management
  • Exchange of information, whether automatic, spontaneous or upon request
Tax Compliance and Controversy
  • Tax declarations, tax compliance, voluntary disclosure, and tax audits
  • Tax opinions and second opinions, tax rulings and advance pricing agreements (APAs)
  • Tax controversy, litigation, criminal tax matters, tax fraud and crimes, penalties
Niche Expertise
  • Commodity exploration and extraction, trading, shipping
  • Intellectual property (IP), trademarks, patents, patent box, R&D, licensing
  • Issuance of (ICO), holding of and investment in crypto assets, tokens, currencies, NFT